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Please note that your privacy is of paramount importance to the Company.

Please read this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) carefully. By accessing and using the Online Store, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions referred to herein.

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you agree that we shall be entitled to use and process your information submitted to us in accordance with the terms contained herein.

All capitalized terms which are not defined in the Privacy Policy shall have the same meaning as in the Terms of Use.


We collect different information from you while you use the Online Store. This includes personal information about you such as bio-data, date of birth, gender, contact details, physical address, photographs, identification documents, passports, email address, bank details, correspondence that takes place between Customer and the Vendor, information relating to your use and visit to the Online Store, and all such information which is collected through other technological means (cookies). These technological means include IP Address, domain name, web logs, traffic data, location data, screen content and communication data (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Information”).


The Company reserves the right to also allow third parties, which includes but is not limited to its agents and independent contractors, to use the Information for the purposes which are specified above. The Company shall be responsible for ensuring that the same security measures are adopted to ensure that the Information is protected at all times.

In the event our business is sold to another individual or entity, or we undergo a reorganization which includes but is not limited to any legal merger, acquisition and scheme of amalgamation, you agree that the Information may be transferred to any such reorganized entity.

You agree that the Information may be transferred to court and law enforcement agencies and any other third party for all such reasons and purposes which are required under the applicable laws. Such disclosure shall not be deemed to be illegal or unauthorized in any manner whatsoever.


We reserve the right to use the Information in the following methods:

In the event it is necessary for us to require the Information for providing you services through the Online Store;

For compliance with all applicable legal and contractual obligations;

By obtaining your consent. If such consent is obtained, we reserve the right to use the same for all such reasons which are mentioned in the Privacy Policy. You may withdraw such consent at any time.

For the purposes of securing any legitimate interest. However, we use reasonable efforts to ensure that such interests have greater value than your data protection rights.

We may use the Information stated above for the following purposes:

To ensure that all our obligations and responsibilities to the Customer and the Vendor are properly secured;

To ensure that reasonable access is provided to you of the Online Store;

For the purposes of advertising the Online Store and the services therein;

To apprise you with the details regarding the services, and details in relation to advertising and marketing of the Online Store (such as sending news-letters and emails);

For analysis and evaluation of the performance of the Online Store and the services therein, understand the requirements and needs of the Customers and Vendors, and to ensure that better services can be provided from time to time;

To ensure that the Customers and Vendors can use the interactive features of the Online Store.


The Information is retained as long as the Company is required to do so. Such duration may depend on the nature of the Information and the purpose for which the same is retained. If the Information is no longer required, the same will be deleted.

However, you understand that if necessary, we may retain your Information for compliance with obligations in relation to the legal, accounting or reporting principles.


During the collection and retention of the Information, we will protect it within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorized access and disclosure.

The Company uses reasonable means to store the Information on protected servers.

You understand that no method of electronic transmission or storage is hundred percent (100%) secure. As such, no data collector or processor can guarantee absolute data security. You shall have no claim against us for data breaches which are beyond our reasonable control.


Under the Privacy Policy, you shall have the following rights:

Withhold the Information from us. However, you understand that this will negatively impact the experience of your usage of the Online Store.

You may request us to not use the Information for any purposes of marketing. You can exercise this right by contacting the customer support team at any point in time.

You may request us to completely erase the Information from our records if we our non-compliant with the Privacy Policy or any other applicable laws.

Request us to rectify the Information provided to us.

In the event you ask us to stop collecting, using and processing the Information, then this will mean that you will no longer be able to access the Online Store, particularly the services therein which particularly require us to use the Information.


We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy to for any reason whatsoever without any prior notice to you. You should familiarize yourself with the any changes/amendments to remain updated with the latest version.

As of January, 2023.

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